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About us


Brooklyn Bread & Sweets brings the freshest bread to Nyack!  

Now Open in historic downtown.

79 South Broadway, Nyack, NY! 

Call (845) 535-3535

As well as bread we offer Cakes, Pastries, Cookies, Gourmet Italian Products, Espresso & Coffee!

Please stop by for some fresh warm bread and a coffee!



Brooklyn Bread Co. is a family owned and operated wholesale and retail artisan bakery servicing the Tri-State  area. Our skilled culinary baking team have been producing hand-crafted artisan breads for over forty years. Our breads can be found in the finest hotels and restaurants in the Tri-State area and now direct to you at our new location in Nyack, NY.


Bread shouldn't be an after thought on the table or simply a building block for sandwiches. Many of us have been taking the bread course for granted when dining out. Breaking open a great loaf of artisan bread fresh from the oven is an experience that everyone should taste and smell. Like cooking, most breads are made by varying the amount of four simple ingredients: flour, water, yeast and salt. These ingredients, yet simple, are then transformed by the craft and delicate science of the bread baking process.


Are you a restaurant, delicatessen or store and are looking for great breads, rolls & other baked goods delivery daily? Call us at (845) 535-3534 for wholesale details--servicing the Tri-State area.